What Make Us Different

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What Make Us Different


What sets our products apart?

Unparalleled Quality is at Our Core                             

This is our edge and your advantage.

Give yourself the absolute best!                                                                                

 Quality (or the bio-efficacy) of herbal extracts is rooted in two things: 

freshness and purity of ingredients + effective and proper extraction technology.

 We are leaders in using RAW-FRESH, Certified Organic ingredients. Our products are the most bio-effective, super-charged and high-potency on the market and the closest you will get to bottling nature.

 The advantage of using whole-raw-fresh plants is that we can access the full nutritional spectrum, including the entire matrix of living phytonutrients and enzymes. Organically grown plants contain much higher levels of vital phytonutrients, which have superb therapeutic value and benefits.

 We strongly believe that the closer a product is to its natural state the better it is for your body!


We have pioneered (patent pending) TRIPLE extraction technology that is specially designed to effectively extract the whole matrix of natural ingredients from raw fresh plants and herbs. Each drop of our tinctures has superior bio-efficacy that reflects all the constituents of raw-fresh-organic plants, creating a powerful herbal cocktail that blends science and nature for maximum health benefits.


Why liquid extracts? - The answer is quite simple…. Liquid extracts have shown to be several times better and quicker for absorption than capsules. On top of that, we add to our liquid extracts a special proprietary herbal blend that enhance bio-availability.

In our case, a little really goes a long way! Our liquid extracts are “super-charged”, so you can benefit from more herbal power in each drop.


We specialize in creating potent herbal blends that have a superior synergistic compound effect.

Our herbal formulations are rooted in real science and deep research. We start by identifying proven, tried-and-true ingredients that have been validated and peer-reviewed. We also depend on data-driven methods and consult with leading herbalists and practitioners in holistic medicine to further refine our formulas. And, of course, we apply customer feedback and emerging research to continually refine our products.

Our products are a labor of love and science that have taken years to develop and bring to market. We are proud to create liquid herbal extracts that pack superior bio-efficacy and unparalleled potency so you can reap the benefits.                   

Experience the difference for yourself!


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Longevity Reserve Support Formulas

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman
While working on creation of Longevity Reserve Support herbal remedies, we realized that some herbs have a broad spectrum of longevity benefits such as autophagy enhancing, telomeres protection, anti-inflammatory and proven well-being support.

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Telomeres and Aging

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

Telomere length has become a useful biomarker of cellular aging.

Studies show plenty of triggers that accelerate telomere shortening, including oxidative stresses and chronic silent inflammation.

Telomeres were first discovered in 1971 by the Russian biologist Alexei Olovnikov.

In 2009, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was given jointly to three US scientists: Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak, for the discovery of “how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.”

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The single most important secret of Health-span and Longevity is to prevent and fight silent chronic inflammation!

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

Longevity-Health Reserve and Silent Inflammation

The root cause of most major chronic diseases is silent inflammation. Fortunately, there are many nutraceuticals that can play a role in curbing this.

Silent Inflammation plays a large role in decreasing longevity as it is not only dangerous but silent and therefore may take years to manifest into a disease.

Silent inflammation reduces your odds of living a long and disease-free life; it is as though you are breathing an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas.

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Bio-availability enhancer herbal blend (The “Plus” compound)

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

Improvement of the bioavailability of many plant extracts becomes one of the key issues of bio-efficacy and therapeutic value of this extract.

Many herbal extracts despite their extraordinary potential in in-vitro research, demonstrate less or no in-vivo actions, and later even less efficacy in clinical trials, due to their poor lipid solubility or improper molecular size, ultimately resulting in poor absorption and poor bioavailability.

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The New Generation of Quality Liquid Herbal Extracts

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

Why do our approach deliver- Superior Bio-efficacy and Highest Therapeutic value?

The healing power of our extracts is achieved by substantially increasing and enhancing the bio-efficacy of liquid herbal preparation.

It is based on four major factors:

  • Bio-availability of our liquid herbal preparation
  • Freshness and purity of RAW, organic herbs used in our preparation
  • Our patent-pending TRIPLE extraction method that delivers the whole spectrum of ingredients from the original herb
  • Synergetic composition of our complex herbal blend formulas

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    Autophagy: The Secret to Longevity

    Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

    Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells

    Prime benefits of Autophagy- prompts regeneration and healthy cells

    Autophagy is a longevity-associated process involving the selective destruction of damaged cellular organelles, sometimes described as “cellular housekeeping.” It comes from the Greek word for “self-eating.”

    The scientific importance of understanding autophagy was highlighted when the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy.

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