Message from Our Founder

Message from Our Founder

ion Zaydelman

Why did I start an herbal tincture company?

Holistic medicine, preventive health practice and herbs were a strong ”hobby” of mine for a very long time. Friends and family would say it is my passion and true calling. I dedicated many years to researching the latest innovations in the field, meeting with leading doctors, and experimenting with herbal remedies for benefit of family and friends.

In many ways, this was my destiny from early childhood. My dad was a self-taught guru herbalist, and he introduced me to the power of herbs and the “secrets” of perfecting extraction. I witnessed how my dad, after being severely wounded in WWII, cured himself with herbal remedies. We were lucky to have a small farm in Ukraine, where we grew greens, herbs, berries, and fruits. This natural and fresh bounty served as my dad’s laboratory, and I learned from our amazing, real-life results. Later, when I suffered a nearly fatal head trauma, I recuperated thanks to the help of some very skilled surgeons and my dad’s post-op intensive care with herbal medicine. The seed of passion and knowledge was instilled in me from an early age.

Fast forward a few decades, and in the 1980s I immigrated to New York with my young family to continue my herbal adventure. I had the privilege of meeting with some great holistic doctors (some names) from whom I learned a ton and dug into scientific papers and research on herbal remedies. Trained as a scientist—my nature had always been  to seek, learn and experiment. But the idea of starting my own herbal business never crossed my mind. In fact, I knew perfectly well that it was a hugely competitive and crowded marketplace.

So, what changed my mind and stoked my fire to create my own line of liquid herbal remedies? My dear wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 7 years ago, and I was truly shocked. I mobilized all my knowledge, experience and connections with doctors and scientists to bring the best holistic support to augment the traditional cancer therapy my wife was receiving. 

Unfortunately, what I quickly realized during that time was that commercial herbal extracts simply did not have the potency and bio-efficacy to be effective. And there were two major reasons for this: First - the quality of the ingredients, and Second- the quality of the extraction. For example, key anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting ingredients like Turmeric, Galangal, Artemisia annua were basically “dead” powder. And none of them contained the major anti-cancer, water soluble polysuccirides and other micronutrients and enzymes that exist only in raw-fresh organic or wild herbs. I immediately started to use raw, organic ingredients and worked on developing a proprietary technology designed especially for extraction of different ingredients group of raw-fresh herbs. We diligently monitored by wife’s CT scans and cancer markers, and much to the surprise of her doctors her recovery was proceeding quicker than expected. We were all beyond grateful that she pulled through and continues to be in remission! 

Friends and family who knew about my wife’s success started to inquire if I could create herbal supplements for them, and of course, I could not refuse. Slowly but surely my line of herbal tinctures was born—a product of love, care and true commitment to giving people the highest quality ingredients with superior bio-efficacy so they can support their health, increase vitality, bolster immunity and more. 

To me this was not a business—it was my true calling—a mission to deliver the absolute best products with uncompromised quality! 

Because our herbs and plants are raw, organic and farm fresh (shipped overnight) and because our extraction process is very labor intensive, our products may cost a bit more than our competitors. But the way I see it, why would not someone pay just a bit more for something that is wildly more effective. It is like getting a super-charge effect.

I have dedicated years of research, experimentation and sweat equity to create a line with the highest potency and bio-efficacy, using only raw-fresh, organic ingredients. And I have pioneered a patent-pending proprietary technology for superior quality triple extraction. This is truly a product of my life’s work, a commitment of love and science with years of dedication and care. I am proud to bring it to market!


In good health!

Ion Zaydelman, PhD

Founder & CEO