The New Generation of Quality Liquid Herbal Extracts

The New Generation of Quality Liquid Herbal Extracts

Ion Zaydelman Zaydelman

Why do our approach deliver- Superior Bio-efficacy and Highest Therapeutic value?

The healing power of our extracts is achieved by substantially increasing and enhancing the bio-efficacy of liquid herbal preparation.

It is based on four major factors:

  • Bio-availability of our liquid herbal preparation
  • Freshness and purity of RAW, organic herbs used in our preparation
  • Our patent-pending TRIPLE extraction method that delivers the whole spectrum of ingredients from the original herb
  • Synergetic composition of our complex herbal blend formulas

Why does Longevity Secrets prefer and offer a Liquid Tincture extraction method?

    Most herbalists prefer liquid herbal extracts over other forms of herbs for a few reasons:

    The success of herbal medicines as healing agents is dependent upon how active their constituents (ingredients) are when you ingest them. For maximum therapeutic benefits, it is important to take herbs in the form that best captures and preserves their active constituents. Liquid herbal extracts not only capture all of the essential properties of the herbs they use, but preserve the integrity of their constituents. This is why they are one of the most therapeutically beneficial form of herbs available on the market today.

    Bio-availability: What is it, and why is it so important to Liquid Tinctures?

    The short definition of bioavailability is the fraction of an administered herbal compound that can reach the bloodstream in an unchanged form. The benchmark of absolute (100%) bioavailability is intravenous administration of the chemical compound.

    The digestive system’s role is to free herbal active constituents from the fiber and cellulose in the plant itself. In many cases, some chemical compounds of herbal powder are lost in the digestive process partially or even completely!

    Herbs in liquid extract form, on the other hand, contain no fiber, cellulose, fillers, binders, or “extra” ingredients, so they are immediately assimilated into the body. Most importantly, the plant fibers and cellulose do not have to be broken down or digested in order for the body to absorb them. In liquid form, the herbs are immediately available for assimilation into the bloodstream, glands, and organs. Even a person with poor digestion and assimilation can enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of liquid herbal extracts. You can learn more about this in our read more section.

    Liquid herbal extracts bypass the digestive process and enter the bloodstream rapidly. This makes them the most effective way for the body to absorb the medicinal principles from herbs. Because of their superior bio-availability, most herbalists prefer using tincture-liquid extracts over other forms of herbs.

    • Why do we use RAW and Organic or Wild growing plants as much as possible?

    Organically grown plants are free of harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides -- but these are not the only benefits. Organically grown plants that are not treated with chemicals contain much higher levels important trace phytonutrients. Organic raw herbs possess additional phytonutrients that either do not exist or exist minimally in non-organic or processed powder and supplements.

    Plants are subject to attack by various pathogens (primarily fungi). These pathogens usually attack the skin and/or the root of the plant, and in response to these attacks, plants have evolved a defense mechanism. That defense mechanism utilizes different micro-phytonutrients that are part of the plant’s immune system. These phytonutrients are presented in plants in very small, trace amounts and have a superb pharmacological/therapeutic value, which plays a crucial role in fighting many diseases.

    Unfortunately, these phytonutrients are severely depleted in non-organic produce. When chemicals are used to artificially fight pathogens, this process overrides the natural immune-defense mechanism, and the plant is not stimulated to produce phytonutrients.

    Organically grown plants (that are not treated with chemicals) contain much higher levels of important trace phytonutrients.

    The advantage of using whole, fresh, raw plants is that you can access the full nutritional spectrum value. It is well established that the synergistic effect of the whole has a superb therapeutic advantage to single strain extracts. For example, in a dry herb version such as Turmeric powder, it loses the most important active components such as curcuminoids and volatile oils.

    Tincture extraction makes it possible to use the Whole Raw plant when it is beneficial.

    Traditional extracts are made from dried plant material. These materials are sourced from all over the world. Dried herbs work well as a starting material, they are available year-round, and they store and transport easily.

    On the other hand, it can be difficult to tell how old the herb is. Suppliers often have trouble telling where it comes from, and there can be significant variations depending on how the grower harvested, dried and processed the plant material.

    By the time the dry herb reaches the extraction point, only a small fraction of the phytonutrients may be left.

    How much deterioration takes place depends on:

    • Post-harvesting treatments. Was the produce irradiated, UV treated, or coated with chemical preservatives?

    • Type of plant. How fast do freshly picked herbs lose their nutrients? The answer varies greatly depending on the species.

    • Temperature, light, and oxygen exposure.

    In many instances, using fresh herbs is a unique way to deliver the specific properties and herbal constituents necessary for healing.

    Tincture extracts are the only type of products that start with fresh herbs to protect and preserve specific active constituents found only in fresh herbs. Herbs found in capsules, tablets, teas, and loose herbs must first be dried before being used. Also, herbs in liquid extract form retain their freshness and potency over a longer period of time, and fresh herbs retain more vitality than dried.

    While some of the constituents, such as volatile oils, are lost when the herbs are dried, that doesn't mean that dried herbs can't pack some serious healing power. Sometimes fresh herbs are not available, and in these cases fresh plant tinctures and traditional extracts can mix easily and be interchanged at will.

    This option presents the greatest opportunity to create high-quality extracts utilizing the full spectrum of the herbal matrix, with high bio-availability and bio-efficacy.

    • Why do we apply Dual and Triple Extraction of Whole Raw Herbs?

    Our patent-pending triple liquid extraction formula is made only from whole raw organic herbs and includes a very important component: cold pressed extracted juice, which includes powerful micro-nutrients that are found only in the raw plant.

    The traditional extraction process applies alcohol directly to raw herbs (typically in ratio 1:2), causing the tincture to become diluted and lower the potency of the extract. At Longevity Secrets, our first step is to create a cold press juice extraction. We then use “fresh-dry-raw” herbs that we can apply up to 75-85% alcohol, another extract which allows us to create a higher potency tincture. The cold pressed juice is preserved with low alcohol percentage and contains phytonutrients that might not exist in dry herbs. Then we combine these two extracts. We call this process Dual-Raw Extraction.

    We introduce a third extraction when we deal with herbs that contain another important ingredient, such as water-soluble polysaccharide. In this case, we also add a concentrated water decoction extract of herbs. This allows the tincture to become a triple extracted formulation that reconstructs the full matrix of raw herbs with polysaccharide ingredients.

    The final product represents a reconstructed whole raw liquid plant extract. This is a complex synergetic tincture with an average alcohol concentration of 30-40%, and an approximate extraction ratio of 1:2.

    The Triple extraction is only used for complex herbs that have composition of volatile oils, resins and polysaccharides. as well as other important ingredients (flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, etc.)

    The next important step is multi-stage filtration that creates a liquid extract with high bio-availability that is free of any fiber component and easily digestible.

    Our absolutely unique, proprietary line of dual & triple liquid extracts from whole-raw organic herbs possess superior bio-efficacy. They are the most potent extracts available on the market and have no therapeutic comparison.

    The triple extraction formula for RAW herbs is a complicated, handcrafted time-consuming process -- but it delivers the best therapeutic outcome!

    • Why is our synergetic blend superior to a single extract?

    Liquid herbal extracts can effectively deliver the healing power of several herbs at once. Years of clinical experience have shown that herbal formulas, comprised of several herbs, produce much more effective results than single herbs. In a formula, each herb is designed to support a specific body system in a manner that complements the action of the other herbs, and the systems they support. Well-designed, time-tested formulations support the body’s healing needs.

    Typically, compound formulas are synergistic blends that utilize herbs in the following ways:

    • Primary synergetic herbs are used to target specific health concerns.

    • Supporting herbs are used to strengthen the action of the primary herbs and to increase bioavailability and assimilation.

    • Balancing herbs are used to mitigate potential discomforts or side effects that may arise along with the benefits of a particular formula.

    The art and skill of mixing individualized herbal formulations is what sets naturopaths and herbalists apart from other health care professionals. Liquid blending based on holistic principles provide clinically effective results and improve the health of the person.

    We can get so focused on the health benefits of a certain vitamin or phytochemical that we miss an important point of the potential power of synergetic combinations.

    Firstly, what does synergy effect mean?

    Synergy effect is when the combined effects of two or more components is greater than the sum of the effects of the individual components acting alone.

    In simple terms: when 2 + 2 > 4.

    Entourage effect is when the combined effect of two or more components is greater than the sum of the effects of the individual components acting alone…even when one of the components does not constitute the active ingredients. In other words, a single component may have no effect on its own, yet it magnifies the combined therapeutic outcome.

    In simple terms: when 4 + 0 > 4.

    Many compounds interact synergistically to create an entourage effect that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the plant’s individual components, so that the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Entourage effect example: Curcumin + black pepper extract – supplement called - C3). Synergy effect example: Curcumin + Turmeric oil – (Supplement called - BCM 95)

    When researchers attempt to elucidate the mechanisms of action, compounds found in foods and herbs often exhibit signaling roles in the body with difficult to define effects and unknown active pathways.

    In epigenetic models of disease, targeting multiple pathways and influencing indirect as well as direct mechanisms is more effective than focusing on a single point.

    Well-designed, synergetic compound formulations are the best way to ensure that our herbal remedies deliver the maximum therapeutic value.